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Our Story

Life is full of opportunities.

Sometimes we see them, and other times we miss them.

Pathways Fellowship Church became a dream of Todd and Jennifer Elliott in 2018. Sensing that there was a need for something new, they started imagining a place that would be open to new ways of engaging people with the message of Jesus! A place that would be genuinely committed to knowing and following scripture. 

What would it be like to have a church that was more relational? 

What would it be like to start a church that was less concerned about tradition and more concerned about the desire of Jesus to go out and make disciples?

Todd and Jennifer Elliott felt a strong sense that God was leading them to start a church that would be characterized by joy and a deep sense of community and mission. They soon realized that there were others in their faith community that shared this vision.

In November 2019, Pathways Fellowship became a reality with a group of 35 people in the living-room of the Elliott's home. 

We are excited about where God will take Pathways Fellowship, and we are confident that if we walk in obedience he will bless it.

-- The Elliott's--

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